Self employment

In today’s world there are many options than just working in a cubicle or behind a cash register. Well Wisher’s Charity widely open this plan for the benefit of the most needy around us. Mainly the victims of disasters, disabled through accidents, handicapped by birth, distress minded and aged couples or individuals expelled from families are eligible to obtain this support from us.

At the same we are extending this offer to the group of unemployed, if they are ready to take up the challenge with unity.  Such groups will be supported by us entirely rather than finance.  We prefer, to extend this offer mainly to Small scale industries such as Tailoring units, Animal farms, Agriculture, preparing & selling of food items, Vegetable Shops, Tea shops, Production of low cost consumable items etc…

Now, we have already supported a group of unemployed women in Trichur district by offering them a tailoring unit that enabled them to provide direct employment to 8 women and many as indirect.  Also we have distributed lambs to poor families which will help them to raise some income.


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