Public welfare

We believe in the importance of strengthening the public life and therefore WWC’s programmes are focused on this aspect.  It may help us to protect our natural resources as well as to help the people to stay together harmoniously in a better environment.

We are trying to protect interest of the people where the state administration has failed to make an impact due to lack of policies and funds.  We are trying to fill up this wide gap through our involvement and hope to make a qualitative improvement in the lives of the people.

In 2012 so far we have spent Rs. 48,000/- for public welfare and many other projects are on the way.  We are proud on our success in keeping people together and consider it as our achievement.  The unity we found in the people has inspirited us to refresh our promises and keep going.

One of our main involvements in this kind was at Ayavana Panchayath, Muvatupuzha, Ernakulam district where we have provided a new boat for continuing the ferry service that connected an isolated area on the other side of the river to the main land.

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