Chairman’s Messege



Well Wishers’s Charity is introducing a technology for human development through its
simple style of distribution and high standard of development. With these features we
could achieve a high level of involvement to build up relation ship with the needy and
also motivate like minded people to contribute their best for the betterment of the poor
community around the world.
The objective of WWC is to unite human beings for helping communities and individuals
and we will consider meritorious cases based on the request from trustful sources and our
survey reports. With this aim in mind we have designed a variety of services such as Self
employment, education, job based trainings, construction of toilets, drinking water
supply, agriculture, health & medicine, cloth, insurance, working tools and food.
I am sure that this charity organization will benefit several poor and downtrodden. We
are offering this opportunity to every one who wish to help others to become a part of this
initiative and request them to register their names with us to confirm their role in the
We base our commitment on a simple motto
“WHY NOT???” Which can be expanded as (We Help You – Never On Terms).
Our systematic services and dedication of the members are enabling us to say this. Our
services are not just words but actions and to ensure this we have worked out a
partnership with Outreach Rajagiri which is ………………
I am taking this opportunity to remind you all that ”a liability to serve the needy is
innerborne in every humans” and this can be fulfilled 100% by joining hands with us.
Finally, I am extending my sincere thanks to all those who are with us to translate our
dreams into reality with their support and effort on every opportunity.
I believe that your decisions will give colour to your names in the books of god.

Jobi Thaliath

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