Educational support to the needy is one of the charity activities of Well Wishers Charity. Our aim is to help students who are talented but cannot continue their studies due to financial difficulties. With our 4 year’s experience we can say that we have made a difference in the lives of the needy.Sharing is a way of raising funds for supporting charity activities through small contributions. May be your contributions will be less to support a cause but if more than one person comes up with small small amounts we may be able to collect the required amounts. If the whole hatred efforts of your group / community could not raise the full amounts, please contact us and we shall be happy to support you by providing a share from us.

We have already collaborated with many individuals and organizations to sponsor several needy children to make their dreams come true. Our sponsorship to the needy under this scheme has started supporting 36 children as first of its kind in 2008 thereafter we are continuing several sponsorships in education field up to professional levels.

At present we are more focusing on the students who are forced to drop their studies due to sudden unfortunate incidents like accidents, permanent disability or death of their parents. Also we consider the children who are good at studies but have no means to go for higher studies. We could establish a joint venture to support their whole educational cost and also find individual sponsors as well.

It is an opportunity for you to extend your support to the needy students through your small contributions. We suggest you to get involved with us to find the neediest around you! While helping a needy you are getting connected to a different networks and communities. So your every contribution is important to us

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