Well Wishers Charity is an initiative to work in all areas of human development with an orientation towards the integrated development of backward villages.

It is a non profit secular organization initiated by a group of people working in Bahrain with deep conviction in the basic goodness of human beings.. for the purpose of promoting development of all poor people without distinction of caste, creed, colour or community

WWC is doing charity based services and seeking opportunities to expand its services around the world.Our initial service began on 01st Jan 2008 as a humble step for the better world with a motto of “We help you”. The charity services will be non-profitable and will not offer any remuneration to its members.

We are involved in helping humans with our dedicated charity services across the world with out any discrimination in any levels. Mainly we are focusing on those who are living in very backward conditions due to the negligence of others. Based on the confirmed reports of human right organisations, we do involve with them though our simple formula of development for their upliftment.

The main specialty of us is having a different vision on each projects based on geographical and sensitivity of urgency.
We are giving an opportunity to everyone to celebrate the days of joy of carrying the world in your hands
through sharing your strength with us. The strength you provide is empowering WWC to deliver it in the
correct form to the requirement of the ones who cry for your mercy.The guarantee of our service and fulfillment of aims are not depending on any source other than our Well Wishers generosity and trust..

The co-operation of loving hearts and prayerful minds are very important to us for making our services successful service for ever. The unity we created among the religion is the main example of being one in mind and the willingness to grow together. Also an attraction of “sharing “is underlined on its every service which produces an immense pleasure to every individual involved in the services of WWC.

Hand in hand together, walk life’s highway with WWC
For making a wonderful world we link human minds with a simple loving formula of “WHY NOT”
Why – We Hear You – Never On Terms
Why – We Help You – Never On Terms
WHY is having a magic back up on its every usage as follows:
Question – What Happened to You?
Answer – Waiting Help from You
Commitment – We Help You.

The magic word announced your social commitment to explore your willingness to help the troubled humans
in this world, which is confirmed and clear form of your unconditional love. Such form of strength is the work
force of Well Wishers Charity.Every human has the right to equally share the resources of nature but the economic factors are made a
separation of poor and rich. As everyone knows the basic need of a human being is to breath good air,drink good water, stay in a good house, and lead a healthy living in a better environment but we have plenty of human lives who can realize the above only in their dreams.
To realize your dreams, we pledge “We Help You”
This is the time for us to extend our hands in unity, strength and truthful love.

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